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Ultra Guidance PSR ISO

The Reichhardt autoguidance system ULTRA GUIDANCE PSR ISO can be integrated into many ISO compatible auto steer ready vehicle such as


  • Auto-guide Ready MT 600C, 700, 800 and 900C series Challengers
  • Massey Ferguson 8600 series
  • Agco DT 205-275 HP B series
  • Fendt 800/900 series

Other Autosteer Ready Equipment:

  • CNH Steer-Ready Tractors and Combines
  • Claas Lexion ATP 500/600/700 Harvesters
  • And many others

The automatic steering system is operated easily via ISO VT in the cab or any other available VT.

Farmers now have available a modern and universal system which is not brand specific, and, is compatible with all ISO connections and systems. The unique selling features of Ultra Guidance PSR, like the joint use of  GPS and sensors in one system, are standard and available for the next generation of vehicles. The possibility of integrating third party components such as receivers, ISO VTs, and electric motos remain.

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