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One steering system with different steering modes

Different kinds of sensors precisely steer tractors or self-propelled machines in general farming, produce production, or vineyards. Ultra Guidance PSR achieves the highest accuracy in any application. The system is unmatched because various sensors are designed for specific tasks.

Flexible Module-System

Ultra Guidance PSR consists of a basic kit and four different sensor solutions. Certain components like a wire harness and a hydraulic valve are permanently installed in various vehicles. The PSR iBOX is able to store information for up to 8 vehicles. The main controller, sensors, and the PSR iBOX are easily moved between vehicles. Desired steering mode is chosen from the driver's seat.

  • PSR SKY uses the optimal working width of the implement and is best suited for parallel tracking in field cultivation and grain harvesting.
  • PSR SONIC recognizes shapes and structures and steers a vehicle with an accuracy of less than one inch. It's best for seeding, trans-planting, spraying, in-season fertilizing, and harvesting.
  • PSR TAC "feels" with wear-resistant synthetic tactile sensors and has the highest accuracy in tall row crops or vineyards.
  • PSR MEC uses a mechanical row finder to follow the beet row before or after defoliation.

Other Benefits of the PSR system

CAN ISO Compatibility
The Ultra Guidance PSR iBox is CAN ISO compliant. NO MOTOR OR VALVE NEEDED - The PSR system can now steer CAT® MT Challenger® track tractors through CAN.
Less Clutter
ISO Virtual Terminal (VT) Support - The PSR system now supports menu display on most screens which have ISO VT support, which means no additional display is needed to steer.
No More Counting Rows
ARM Technology - With Reichhardt's new ARM (Automatic Row Match) feature, the PSR system can now combine the TAC or SONIC sensors with a ARM pull-in.
Use Existing Parts
Plug-and-Play with CaseIH® and New Holland® auto-steer ready lines of tractors and combines - If your CNH® tractor or combine is auto-steer ready, the PSR system can plug into existing components to steer your vehicle.

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