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GPS Guidance

Autoguidance with GPS (PSR SKY)

Reichhardt GPS guidance makes it possible to steer a vehicle with accuracy by the aid of GPS navigating signals. You chose the accuracy you need for your application for your farm.  Reichhardt GPS guidance is capable of reading GPS Serial (NMEA-0183) or CAN (NMEA-2000) message formats, which are used by the majority of receivers on the market.  This allows the use of many different brands of receivers with no compromise to the correction data.  Use a GPS receiver sourced from Reichhardt or choose from multiple brands of GPS receivers on the market.

The use of WAAS, OmniSTAR HP, XP, RTK via radio or a CORS network are all possible.

Watch Video of GPS Guidance for AGCO WR Series

This video shows a Massey Ferguson 9760 Windrower using a Reichhardt autosteer controller with a John Deere StarFire Receiver for straight passes. The Reichhardt UI can display on the existing C1000 in the cab or an added ISO VT display, such as a GS2/GS3 and integrates with the existing steer-ready machine components.

Multiple GPS Patterns

Parallel Guidance:
  • A/B

  • A+Heading

  • Lat/Long+Heading

  • 200 line storage with naming rights

Pivot Guidance:
  • Circular Lines for irrigation

  • 50 line storage with naming rights


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