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RTK CLUE – The Key to cost-efficient RTK Correction

RTK CLUE provides RTK correction data from base stations, which are located close to the farmer's fields. The provider is often the local machinery ring, a local distributor, neighborhood contractor or farmer. This is the key to regional RTK correction data.


Unique like Farmland

RTK CLUE connects any number of RTK base stations and thereby enables an availability of RTK correction data exactly in areas, where it is actually needed. Requirements and products of farmers in Germany are different than in Spain, in the same manner RTK CLUE Cluster differ from one another. This is the key to an individual RTK correction data service.

Opened for Relationships

RTK CLUE is compatible with all modems which support NTRIP and with all commercially available RTK-ready receivers, wich can receive correction data in the file formats RTCM3 and CMR, especially with:

Manufacturer Model
AgLeader GPS6500
Hemisphere A 220, 320, 325, AtlasLink
John Deere SF 3000, 6000
Novatel MR15, SMART-6
Reichhardt RGS 220, 320, 325, 326
Trimble Ag 252, 262, 372, 382
EZ-Guide 500
CFX 750
TopCon AGI-4













Think global – act local

Powerful servers and a competent developer team ensure a reliable service around the clock, 365 days of the year. Farmers in many parts of the world rely on RTK CLUE. This is the key to a professional RTK correction data service.

RTK CLUE components
For providers: RTK base station
computer with an broadband internet connection
For users: Rover and a modem, mobile communications antenna and a data SIM card
RTK CLUE correction data is monitored and administrated with the RTK CLUE Manager on

Advantages for Users and Providers:

  • Locations of RTK base stations are freely selectable
  • Each cluster regulates cooperation and conditions for itself
  • The RTK CLUE modem functions regardless of manufacturer in relation to base stations, rovers on the vehicle, operator terminals and automatic steering systems. 

The Benefits:

  • Cost-efficiently to individual and unlimited reach
  • Independent of hardware
  • Consistent correction data within the cluster area

The effective Solution:

Regional contact people with a customer-oriented offer in an individual networt with professional partners - this is the key to cost-efficient RTK correction data.

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