Reichhardt GmbH
Hofgut Ringelshausen,
35410 Hungen, Germany

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We make big things move

When it comes to the development of embedded systems for mobile machinery, Reichhardt is a preferred partner in the industry. Our core competence lies in the development and implementation of customized electronic solutions.

Leading manufacturers rely on our services in the following segments:

  • Information and communication systems 
  • drive engineering
  • sensor technology
  • operating and display systems
  • control engineering
  • cable assembly for mobile vehicles

We deliver real-time applications, embedded system programming, server based applications and apps. From concept to series production, we support our clients in any development stage.

Automatic Steering Systems keep you on Track

Also for OEMs automatic steering systems gain importance more and more. We are the first contact for integrated customized solutions. With our know-how we create holistic solutions. In order to fit the system to the particular application our specialists for hydraulics, electronics and software act in concert. Manufacturer and user take advantage of this unique colaboration within our development team and of its experience in many areas of mobile applications.

Competence in developing and integrating Systems

If there is a task in your company you would like to solve with our help, please let us know through sending a message.

Certifed Quality

Quality Management certified according to ISO 9001:2015 registered at Certificate registration no. 507638 QM08

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