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App for Smart-Farming-Applications

Farming 4.0 refers to the automation of processes, the networking of devices with vehicles or of vehicles among each other as well as the evironmental and resources-saving control of processes.

SMART COMMAND by Reichhardt is an app that provides the farmer with cross-application functions via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The focus is on the ISO FLEX TC module, which establishes the wireless connection to the ISOBUS, acts as translator for mobile communications and WiFi, and manages the license.

The operation of all functions is intuitive according to known patterns and is not necessarily bound to a rigid structure.

In SMART COMMAND Reichhardt combines its expertise in precision farming as well as in the field of ISOBUS applications. Three SMARTfeatures for Precision Farming as well as four additional ISOBUS features, including Section Control and Variable Rate Control, offer many advantages:


(Visual Guidance)

The visual guidance in SMART COMMAND uses GNSS position data. If high repeatable accuracy is required, RTK correction data can also be used. Furthermore SMART GUIDE offers a number of interesting additional features, such as the recording of field and headland boundaries as well as exclusion areas and obstacles. An upgrade to the automatic steering system is also possible.


(Guidance System)

The SMART iBOX upgrades visual guidance to SMART CONTROL, Reichhardt‘s automatic steering system. The scope of performance scores with field recognition as well as contour, tramline, bed and asynchronous mode. Background cards facilitate orientation to and in the field.


Automatic turning in the headland is also possible with Reichhardt‘s SMART COMMAND app. SMART TURN steers the machine exactly into the next lane, reduces turning times, protects the soil and the environment and reduces damage to the crop.


(ISOBUS-Virtual Terminal)

SMART COMMAND makes it possible to use a conventional tablet as an ISO-VT for operating implements. Communication with the machine is made via WiFi.Tablets already occupy a firm place in the organization of operations due to their familiar handling advantages. The gap to machine control and management will now be closed.


(Task Controller)

The Task Controller feature in SMART COMMAND handles the processing, administration, and documentation of tasks as well as the communication with the implement. For this purpose, the data prepared in the respective farm management program are imported in ISO-XML format and the completed tasks are exported.


(Section Control)

The evironmentally friendly and efficient use of operating resources is guaranteed by the automatic switching on and off of sections of crop protection sprayers, seed drills, etc. In SMART SECTION a circuit of up to 256 sections is possible.


(Variable Rate Control)

SMART RATE is the perfect complement to the automatic section control and enables the variable application of resources. The field is managed as required by the inclusion of application maps.


The AUX editor in SMART COMMAND ensures the functional assignment between the ISOBUS implements and the ISOBUS operating units, such as joysticks.

SMART COMMAND by Reichhardt enables you to work on any number of applications, with up to three being displayed simultaneously. The screen layout consists of a main mask and the submasks. To focus fully on just one application, you can switch to fullscreen view of an application at any time.

Operations ad hoc and intuitive

Simple touch gestures and application windows that can be moved and replaced at any time meet a system design that does not require rigid operating procedures. Depending on the user work steps are started spontaneously or planned long-term. The focus is on the work order and the personal work style.

The documentation and administration of field and cultural work, working hours and application rates considerably simplify the administrative work.

Always up to date

The latest update for SMART COMMAND is available for download online at any time.

Online Support

If required the SMART COMMAND app also enables online access by the Reichhardt customer service representative. This saves time and avoids costs.

To upgrade smarter

With SMART COMMAND it is possible to easily adapt and integrate vehicles and implements to the requirements of modern operations management. Farming 4.0 can thus be retrofitted sustainably on many even older machines. This avoids expensive investment in new machine.

The advantages

• Efficient app from Reichhardt  for upgradingvehiclesto smart farming applications

• Usable on variousmobile devices

• Intuitive operation thatdoes not haveto follow a rigid working structure

• Seven SMART features for Precision Farmingand ISOBUS applications in one app

• Easier administration through versatile documentation

• ISOBUS compatible–easy to install

• Developed in Germany

Practical benefits

Advancement of the farm to farming 4.0




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