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PSR SLIDE – Active Implement Steering

A common problem experienced by farmers is that the implement does not always follow the track of the tractor regardless of how the tractor is steered; either manually or automatically. This is especially true in hilly areas and has a large impact in organic farming and other specialty crops where dams have to stay for a long time. 

Track Guidance with Side Shift

This problem can be easily solved with the new sliding frame by Reichhardt. PSR SLIDE proves its independence in the track guidance both with a RTK steering system and with ultrasonic sensors by Reichhardt.

Drift Compensation ± 30 cm

The solid framework is available in two weight classes and is easily and quickly mounted to the tractor's three-point hitch. PTO-driven implements can also be used with PSR SLIDE. With a sliding range of ± 30 cm it easily corrects where the tractor and terrain force the implement off the track.

Simple to use and ISOBUS compatible

The operation is clearly arranged and easy to use with a Reichhardt ISOBUS Virtual Terminal or your choice of ISOBUS VT. The PSR steering system by Reichhardt is directly mounted on the sliding frame. It consists of the steering controller (PSR iBox LT 6D), sensors and appropriate harnessing. Depending on the choosen configuration, this basic equipment will be completed by an RTK receiver and sonic sensors.


The ultrasonic sensors on the sliding frame by Reichhardt detect the current plant rows without direct contact. Existing plant rows and dams become markers for the orientation of the automatic steering of the implement with high accuracy. It is possible to work with centimeter accuracy close to plants and irrigation tubes – a necessity of organic farmers. The sensors are resistant to dust and work regardless of the light conditions. Fertilization and cultivation in typical vegetable fields as well as row crops are the ideal applications for the PSR SLIDE SONIC.


When guidance via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is desired, PSR SLIDE RTK utilizes GPS and GLONASS satellites to guide the implement. Accurate track guidance of the implement is especially important in specialty crops with ridges, hills or dams that exist for many years such as asparagus, carrots and potatoes. Cultivating is possible prior to seeding and emergence of the plants in hilly terrain.

RTK CLUE – The Key to cost-efficient RTK Corrections

Regardless of what is guiding the tractor (manual or automatic), the implement should be guided only with RTK. Any less accurate option of GNSS steering is not useful for implement steering. With the aid of RTK (real time kinematic) it is possible to achieve high accuracy in repeated applications. The correction signal is provided by a permanently installed RTK base. Cellular modems transfer the signal. RTK CLUE is a cost effective option for RTK correction data. For more information please refer to

Asparagus ridges that are layed out as precisely as possible for many years, strawberry rows that run on irrigation hoses, potato ridges, typical field vegetable, such as salads, onions, cabbage and carrots - these are fields of application for PSR SLIDE.

Net weight: 250 kg 580 kg
Lifting capacity: 1,5 t 4 t
Implement: designed for Cat-I/II designed for Cat-II/III
Sliding range:

± 30 cm

± 30 cm
Power requirements: Ab 15 KW Ab 44 KW
Frame width: 163 cm 163 cm
Hydraulic connectors: 1x SAV and 1x unpressurised return line (Load-Sensing optionally)
Additional Benefits: Position sensor with automatic centering, maintenance-friendly through four plain bearings and chrome pipes
Accuracy: ± 1 - 2,5 cm
Speed: Ab 0 m/s
Accuracy: ± 1 - 2 cm
Speed: Ab 0 m/s

The Advantages:

  • implements stay accurately on track
  • Relief for the driver
  • Quick conversion, universal benefits
  • PTO-driven implements can be operated as well
  • Compensates irregularities of tractors and terrain

Practical Uses:

For all applications, particularly for specialty crops and organic farming

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