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Minibatt+ – the World's smallest Combine

The traditional way of taking samples with the combine costs both time and money. An additional question remains: What to do with the sample material?

Innovative and efficient

By using Minibatt+ there is no seed variety contamination. Even areas of the field which are difficult to access, are easily accessible with Minibatt+. Samples are taken individually and according to specified areas. 

Your farm operation is better organized because you know when and where to send the combine. In addition the farmer can omit sections where crops are of minor quality or too moist.

The end results are better yields, a better price, and decreased machinery and drying costs.

Minibatt+ quickly supplies representative samples for moisture testing but also for determination of falling number, test weight, and protein.

Lightweight and handy

The lightweight Minibatt+ (only 3,3 kg) can be easily transported in the trunk of your vehicle. The process of going to the field becomes simpler and safer.

Included with delivery:

  • Minibatt+ mini harvester
  • Concaves for wheat/barley/oat plus a filler plate
  • 2 sample cups
  • 1 lithium-ion battery
  • charger
  • protective carrying case

A mini combine with the equipment of a big one!

With its adjustable air intake, variable speed drive, and inter-changeable concaves, the Minibatt+ is the ideal sampling tool.


  • Better work organisation
  • Cost-efficient taking of samples
  • Samples are identical to those of a combine
  • Quick results – 500 g in only 5 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • 14,4 Volt battery for 8-12 samples


For all cereal crops, herb, spice and flavour plants

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