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ISOBUS Competence – additional flexible value for the ISOBUS

ISOBUS Retrofit Cable Harness ISO FIT

ISOBUS implements have become an integral part of modern field work, especially in applications such as seeding, cultivation and grassland technology. The ISOBUS option is not always available on the tractor.

Aftermarket ISOBUS

The ISO FIT by Reichhardt provides a high quality ISOBUS retrofit cable harness for their tractors, regardless of tractor brand or year of manufacture.The ISO FIT Basic Kit is an ISOBUS retrofit of OEM quality and comes with an ISOBUS rear plug and an ISO InCab plug.

An integrated terminating resistor provides a consistent resistance level for error-free CAN Bus communication between the tractor and the implement, according to ISO 11783. ISO FIT provides the convenience of an ISOBUS requiring only a single ISO VT to operate multiple ISOBUS implements.

The ISO FIT Basic Kit can be individually extended at any time by the ISO FIT front plug, the T-ECU or the ISO FIT receiver adapter.

Expansions on Demand

The ISO FIT front plug allows to use ISOBUS implements at the front of the tractor. Conveniently installs for instant use.


In connection with the T-ECU signal socket adapter, the T-ECU supplies the ISOBUS with all the available tractor data, according to ISO 11786.

Data such as driving speed, PTO shaft speed or working position sensor can also be displayed.

The T-ECU enables the relay circuit to shut down the implement ECU safely without data loss.

According to ISO 11783, the T-ECU complies to the class 1 and is compatible with all ISOBUS operating terminals.

ISO FIT Receiver Adapter

The ISO FIT Receiver Adapter allows GNSS receivers to be connected to ISO FIT via CAN Bus or a serial port. The receiver data on the ISOBUS can be utilised for different applications, for instance when using SECTION-CONTROL for an ISOBUS implement.

ISO FIT is the smart option for retrofitting the ISOBUS on all tractors, regardless of tractor brand or year of manufacture.

According to the user’s demand, the ISO FIT Basic Kit can be extended in modules and adapted to user preference.

Technical Data
Length of ISO FIT Basic Kit 5 m
max. persistent current 60 A
max. ECU current 25 A
Length ISO FIT Front Plug 3 m
Sensor technology of  T-ECU Signal socket, driving speed and lifting gear also via external sensors processable
Compatible receiver brands Reichhardt, John Deere, Novatel, Trimble, Hemisphere


  • ISOBUS according to ISO 11783
  • Double braided – flexible, solid and durable
  • Plug & Play – short setup time
  • More convenience – one single ISO-VT for all ISOBUS implements
  • Expandable with smart modules

Value of Practice:

ISOBUS for all tractors, regardless of the brand or year of manufacture.

Please address your questions to or to your closest distributor.


The functions of modern ISOBUS implements and machines are extensive and complex. Operating these machines via a terminal can be inefficient.

Convenient and agile

ISO CONTROL by Reichhardt enables a unique and user-friendly operation of all AUX-N compatible ISOBUS machines. According to the user‘s need ISO CONTROL joysticks can be uniquely configured.

Buttons, rockers and axis can be freely assigned and thereby uniquely adapted to the personal preferences of the operation of different ISOBUS machines. The function setting of the joystick can be changed at any time.

Two options




  • 4 buttons

  • 2 analog rockers

  • x- and y-axis

  • Square gate  

  • Height-adjustable hand rest


  • 11 buttons

  • x- and y-axis

  • Square gate

Both options support digital, as well as analog functions. It is also possible to control a digital function of the implement by an analog operation of the joystick.

The existing functions of ISOBUS machines can be operated with ISO CONTROL through four different configurations.

Quick Installation and Operation

With the supplied universal bracket or the optional RAM-Mount bracket ISO CONTROL joysticks are quickly and easily mounted in the driver‘s reach.

The installation in the cabin of the vehicle is easily performed by plug & play via the InCab plug. The configuration of the functions takes place in the clearly arranged mask of the ISOBUS terminal.


  • Easier operation of vehicles and implements
  • Ergonomic design
  • High durability
  • 2 joystick grip options
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Freely configurable
  • Analog and digital control elements in one joystick
  • Can be used as a interchangeable system

Value of Practice:

Flexible added value for operation of any AUX-N compatible ISOBUS vehicle or implement.

Please address your questions to or to your closest distributor.

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